Multi Car Insurance

Now car insurance, in fact most insurance is a pain in the proverbial.  You have to have it for your motor vehicles and your property, if you own it is really a must and then of course you have the contents.  So we all go through the processes of getting quotes, paying out sums sometimes large sums of money hoping we never have to claim.  With the doubt that if we do claim the insurers will try wriggling out of paying because of this clause or that reason we missed in the small print.

So with the advent of comparison sites the chore became a little easier   Now for many years I could not understand why insurers did not offer packages to insure all the people in one family home  at preferable rates, they do multi company vehicles and drivers.  Well several companies started offering multi car packages, great I think.  So 3 out of the 5 drivers in our house are with the same company as they were already doing a better deal if some in the family went with them.  Now this is where the fun started thinking that the pricing would be better and renewals each year would be less hassle and straight forward.

The first snag was when another family member decided to join on my insurance to start the multi-car policy up, however, he couldn't do it for a year from his renewal date, oh no, he had to pay so much out to take him to my renewal date and then we would have to renew both from that date which meant he would not earn a full years NCD (sorry No Clams Discount).  OK so the savings he would make from the insurers figures at the time meant it  should have been worth it, so hey presto, we have the start of a multi car under way.  

Several moons later it's dreaded renewal time.  Ah but now we have the Muti-Car policy so hopefully a simpler better deal,  well not quite.  The first shock, my own fault really the renewal  addressed to me had the full price for both vehicles and my first reaction was "How much?", second page oops that was for both vehicles, phew!  Being the ever thrifty Yorkshiremen we both do a comparison site quote to check the pricing, and both found cheaper quotes with lower excesses mmm.   On contacting the company we are with they reduce my sons premium moving towards the cheaper quote, when I contact them with my umpteen years no claims they won't budge.  

In conclusion, the multi-car policies don't work out as I expected.  We both moved to different insurers and my son lost out on 5 months no claims, I saved £55 and my son saved well over a £125, if the company had being willing to move at least on my price as well we may well have stayed.  You would have thought that with 5 cars in the household this Multi car type policy should have been ideal, we should have reasonable comparative prices and they would have 5 drivers and a sixth when he can afford his own car, all accident free as well.  Perhaps the insurers hoped we would just renew automatically and not do a comparison, wrong!  If only money was that plentiful.  So my old insurers will just have to Blog Off until they get their act together.

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