Energy and Money Saving

Did you know that by using shutters or blinds you can reduce the heat loss by up to 40%?

Well, I’d often thought it would and apparently it does.  Closing blinds is simple and saves money, apparently for every £1000 spent on heating you could save £70.  We have a couple of Patio doors in one room and notice it's warmer at night when the blinds are closed.

So, using blinds and shutters correctly in winter can cut down heat loss through windows, reducing the heating demand and lowering energy bills.    Three simple but effective rules to follow in winter!

1)  Close blinds after the sun goes down to retain heat.

2)  On sunny days open blinds to maximise the winter sun heat gain.

3)  Close blinds in unoccupied rooms, so simple.

Apparently blinds and shutters that help you save energy are similar to other common energy efficient meausres and have a quick payback.  So if you have blinds or shutters or are thinking of having some intalled using them effectively in winter will save you some money.

Keep warm, Trevor at BetaBlinds