Child Safety Legislation

2014 Child Safety was the year where blind safety has come under new legislation. We install your blinds to the latest legislation EN13120 with safe by design blinds or the appropriate safety devices.  

Vertical Child Safe welded pockets Child Safe Solitaire weight system

New Safer Vertical blinds  from Killamarsh, our sealed pocket system or the New Solitaire blinds with no weight chains along the bottom and these weights can be used to update existing blinds.      

Vertical with Child Safe Wand

First Child Safety "Make It Safe" no chains, a wand control or Powershade, reducing the risk to children and vulnerable people improving window blind safety in property management.  Safe by design blinds supplied retrofit safety devices.                              

Secondly Protection against cross infection if used with BioCote® treated fabric and the weld sealed weight, the growth of bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew is inhibited.  Infection control is greatly improved.  At Beta-Blinds Sheffield we realise window blind cords and chains can pose a risk for babies, children and vulnerable people who could injure or even strangle themselves on the hanging looped cords.

Senses Slow Rise Child Safe blind

You can take a number of practical, simple precautions to significantly reduce the risk.  Make looped cords and chains safe by using one of the available safety devices.  Watch these short videos here by clicking on “Make It Safe”  gives you some ideas on how to make blinds safer.  Contact Trevor at BetaBlinds for further help. 

A New Safe Roller Blind, Senses 'Slow-Rise' has been designed to fully address concerns over safety.  Young children can be in danger of strangulation from the loops of pull, chain and bead cords. The Senses 'Slow-Rise', which is completely cord and chain free, has been developed in the UK by an exceptional team of designers and tackles this worrying problem head on.


For Child Safety with blinds or for curtains, windows, doors and now fly and insect screens call now to arrange a quote for home or workplace in and around Sheffield. 

Telephone Trevor on 07870 234 559