Digital Print Blinds

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Time! for Something Different? use our service for digitally printed blinds, made to measure  Roller, Venetian, Vertical blinds opens up a new world of possibilities for photos on blinds from Killamarsh Sheffield.  They are not the cheap but they are certainly unique to you, your family or business.

Your Image, Logo or Artwork in Print  digital printing allows photos on blinds, images or original artwork to be printed on to fabric. State-of-the-art equipment produces photographic quality printing that is beautiful and long lasting.  From your artwork we print directly onto Vertical, Roller and Venetian blinds.  The only limit to this exciting concept is the human imagination.

Roller Blinds can be finished in two different ways, the first being the image or logo is printed on the fabric in a size and position to suit the customers requirements. The second is a full image is printed by a process so that when the fabric is cut to finished size, the image is full to the fabric. Blinds can be made with images facing inside or outside. By better sourcing of Digitally printed Roller blinds we can mow provide a much more cost effective product with a reduction of 30% in price.

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Venetian Blinds another adaption of this printing process and the finish of the blind is fantastic.  The printing process requires the slat pack of the blind of blind to be printed in the closed position to ensure continuity. Therefore the rear edge of the slat remains unprinted and is barely visible which doesn't detract from its visual appeal.

Vertical Blinds using the latest computer software the image is taken and slit down into the required vertical width. The overlap is built in so when the blind is either slightly open or fully closed, there is full continuity of the image and break lines are barely visible.  

A great use for Digitally Printed Blinds is on listed buildings, control of advertisements is normally only granted for signs where these are carefully designed and located to respect the architectural form and detailing of the building. These digital print blinds look really well serving a dual purpose, looking professional and also providing control of light and privacy. They can be printed in a colour of your choice and you own images or graphics at a sensible cost especially on our new roller system.

Digital Print possible applications include anything from your Aunties snapshot to the window of a Zumba class they are that versatile.