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Designed with Child Safety plus Health and Safety in mind for Windows and Doors. BetaBlinds make it safe introducing the Jackloc window and door restrictor is a proven leader in its field. The Jackloc was developed due to a number of restrictors failing resulting in accidents and sometimes fatalities. Jackloc window locks are key lockable with a standard cable length of 200mm and can also be made to any length, if required. In addition, the Jackloc window lock can also be made with a permanent fixed cable for Window Safety and Security.

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Jackloc® window restrictors have been rigorously tested and conform to and exceed the requirements of British and European Standards. Jackloc window restrictors can be installed on any type of window and any window material including PVC, wood and slimline steel W20. Jackloc window locks are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit any application.

Jackloc® Cable Window Restrictors are very versatile and are perfect for home, public and commercial application for window safety and security. Fitted with a five disc locking barrel, Jackloc cable window restrictors will enhance the security of any building and safety of any persons within it. Jackloc cable window restrictors have been applied to many buildings including hotels, local authority buildings, care homes, hospitals, schools, universities and many more. Once fitted, the window restrictors cannot be removed, further increasing the safety, security and reliability of the system.

At Jackloc® they believe "the price of safety cannot be measured" - as we do at BetaBlinds, for more information about the original, universal Jackloc window and door restrictor please contact BetaBlinds

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