Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds in Sheffield offer a most flexible shading option. Louvres can rotate through 180 degrees and move across the headrail to any position. Our vertical blinds selection allows you to view beautiful weaves, designs and colours.

Safer Verticals are now available without weight chains, so make it safe combined with a wand control or remote control Powershade, reduce risk, improving safety for children and vulnerable people.

With Antimicrobial Biocote® treated material and the weld sealed weight, the growth of bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew is inhibited, reducing cross infection and aiding infection control.

 New Panel Blinds  Innovative shading solution for larger windows and doors in domestic and commercial installations, the contemporary way to control light and privacy. Also useful as a room divider.

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You can have from 3 to 8 panels per blind, when open, the panels stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light in. Available in natural looking fabrics, faux suede's and woodweaves. Panel blinds up to 5 metres wide, open to one side or split like a pair of curtains.  

Vertical Vinyl Blinds  This is a range which provide light control and are easy to maintain.  Ideal for home, schools and hospitals, in fact just anywhere, where light control, safety and cleanliness are to be considered.

Why PVC Blinds?  Child and pet friendly, no bottom weight and chains to tangle and make it safe combined with a wand or automated Powershade® much more child safe.  Superior insulation, heat reduction in summer and retention in winter. Easy to clean with soap and water eliminates off site cleaning, saving up to 80%. (Based on a hospital with 250 blinds, assuming an average blind size of 1600mm x 1677mm)

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