Rooflight & VELUX®

VELUX® Energy Blinds in Sheffield

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With Rooflight and VELUX® blinds make  yout room 20% warmer this winter with VELUX® energy blinds. Combine the elegant look of classic pleated blinds with the insulating power of a honeycomb construction to reduce heat loss and increase comfort in your home.  The energy blind is operated manually and can be positioned anywhere in the window. A great way to make your home more energy efficient

VELUX® Blinds for the Bedroom, whether you want to sleep peacefully through the night or take a nap in the afternoon, blackout blinds transform your bedroom into darkest night in just seconds. Easy to raise and lower to any position their side channels prevent sunlight from coming in from the sides.

Blinds blackout bedroom

VELUX® Blinds for the Office to do your best work, you need a good office environment. A room that is practical and that has good light. The solution? a VELUX® venetian blind where you cannot only control the amount of natural light, but the direction of that light which is essential, for example, when working on a computer .

New VELUX® Roller Solar Blind is a battery operated remote control blind and it can be set to any position in the window. It uses solar power to recharge the batteries. So you don't have to keep changing them. It comes with a fully charged battery, which is good for 600 operations (about a years worth) even if there is no sun for charging. 

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