Roller Blinds

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Our Roller Blind Sheffield collection features a blend of international new design elements together with a variety of weave effects and colour combined to provide a wide choice.  Whether you add accent to a stylish dining room or function in a contemporary bathroom, you will be able to find the perfect solution to your window.

All blinds in the collection are manufactured to your unique specification and can include finishing touches created via our distinctive collection of poles and braids. These allow you to personalise your individual choice to harmonise you new interior scheme or existing furnishings.

New Senses 'Slow-Rise' has been designed to fully address concerns over safety.  Young children can be in danger of strangulation from the loops of pull, chain and bead cords. The Senses 'Slow-Rise', which is completely cord and chain free, has been developed in the UK by our exceptional team of designers and tackles this worrying problem head on.

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We also have an extensive range of safety components suitable for use with standard Senses chain operated systems including a Chain Pulley which secures chain in place, Chain Connector Break-Away which will detach if excessive pressure is put onto the chain, and a Control Chain Safety Clip which neatly secures the position of continuous chain to minimise hazard.

The Senses Roller Blind System is now available as a Motorised blind. Bringing all the blind controls at the touch of a button, this option brings an exciting and stylish solution for a wider range of window applications.

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Dress Your Windows With Style  combining the most desirable aesthetic features with sleek & innovative design at its heart, the Senses Roller Blind System will impress, inspire and make luxury a truly attainable everyday asset.

• One touch operation  adjustable 'rise' speed allows you ultimate control for sleek, one touch operation.

Adjustable settings  set blind to 'rise' and 'stop' at your preferred height.

• No chain or loops  the ultimate in safety features.

• No gaps  a better fit with extendable end-caps.

• Co-Ordinated Fascias  complete the luxurious look.

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New Primo Duo Roller and Vision Roller Blinds offer a modern twist in rollers to enhance any room.  With  chrome or brushed aluminium controls and brackets, the horizontal stripes offer both privacy and transparency and will give that added luxury to suit any home or office.  For the first time you have as much control over privacy and transparency with a roller blind as with a Vertical or Venetian blind in a roller.

New Digitally printed blinds are now available in roller, vertical and venetian types, with your own or company images and artwork.

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Make It Safe with Intu and Perfect Fit Roller blinds from BetaBlinds

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